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Tomorrow about 15 girls are coming to our home to eat their team dinner together.  They do this every week of the volleyball season on a rotating basis at each girl’s home.  This team dinner has special significance because it is the last one we will provide for the girls.  My daughter is a senior and it is the end of an era for her and us.

We started volleyball in 4th grade and have literally played year round since then. This past March the Lord allowed Tyler to get hurt in a volleyball injury that effectively ended her volleyball aspirations for a scholarship in Division I ball.  Crushing!

My daughter has been a good student all along so this does not mean her life is over by any means, in fact it will undoubtedly take a turn for the better soon, but a lot of effort seems to have been wasted … or was it? You see I believe our life is the sum of all our choices; not just of what we do, but more importantly of how we think. How do you process the things that take place in your life?  That’s the difference-maker.

“You are born and eventually die and in-between you make a lot of mistakes”

You have a choice as to what you will do with your experiences.  Will you be defeated by them or will they make you wiser and strengthen you for the future? I feel I have made many more bad decisions than good ones, but I have been blessed to understand that failure is not fatal.  I can turn my mistakes into diamonds that will pay for my future if I am wise and thoughtful.  I will continue to make bad choices because I am only human.  But I can also continue to excel if I refuse to let my mistakes and disappointments defeat me.  It’s a mental game and boils down to a choice which only I can make.

When I think about all the girls coming over tomorrow, I pray that they are wise enough to understand the power of choice.  They will not be able to control what happens to them as they progress through life, but they can decide to learn from their experiences and keep growing.  They can be winners no matter what befalls them in life because they have a choice… and so do you!

Work hard to make good decisions.  Don’t be a fool!  But when your good choice turns out to be not-so-good, you are not defeated.  When life hands you a lemon – make lemonade. That is a choice that only you can make.

“You are the sum of all your choices, so choose well!”

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