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Start With The Fundamentals

“Gentlemen, this is a football”
– Vince Lombardi

Vince Lombardi, the most famous football coach who ever lived, was well-known for keeping his team focused on the fundamentals of the game. Are you crystal clear about the fundamentals of the game? Do you even know what game you are playing? The game of life, in reality, is no game at all. Your life is the most serious business in which you will ever engage. And since you only get one opportunity to do it – do it right the first time by starting with the fundamentals.

Living wisely is the chief aim of life. Further, I believe that all wisdom is fundamentally spiritual in nature. Therefore the pursuit of wisdom is primarily a spiritual endeavor.

By clinging to a spiritual perspective, as the bedrock of our life, we refuse to subscribe to the belief that we are merely an evolutionary accident and we cling to the persuasion that our life and actions have ultimate meaning. We must be committed to a moral and ethical grid through which everything we do is filtered.

How do you pursue wisdom? It begins by humbly admitting that you are only the player, but God is the coach. He calls the plays and we execute them – sometimes over and over again until we get them right. But we never question our coach and we never stop in our pursuit of excellence – never!

Tom Landry, legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys, once told me that he had three priorities in life; God, family and football – in that order. He believed, “Until you get your priorities straight you will never be truly successful at anything.”

Life is no game; it is a serious business and it will cost you everything to be successful. You must admit that you are not the final authority and then you have to commit to do what the coach has told you to do no matter what the cost. There are no shortcuts to success.

To be successful, build your life on the fundamentals and stay with them.

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