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This is who we are…

Royal Scribe Media was founded by Daniel Southern, Former Crusade Director for Billy Graham and President of the American Tract Society working with leaders in all segments of society to strengthen their organizations. We serve non-profits and organizations of all types around the globe, helping them grow and thrive in the areas of fundraising, marketing, audience growth, relationship building and organizational health.

This is why we aren’t just another software company…

eGo Connect is a tool that was developed to empower our partners to be more effective in managing their organization, which includes:

  • Raise money in a more effective, efficient manner.
  • Strengthen existing audience relationships.
  • Rapidly increase the size of their audience and reach.

We are committed to building an ever expanding, ever powerful platform that streamlines arduous processes, makes you more efficient and more effective then you could ever imagine.

Our area of service is not only building and providing these tools, but helping our partners get the most of their new technology. We hold the hand of every customer and help you build strategies to further your objectives. Our technical specialists will walk you through the use of your new tools until you are comfortable and can operate them on your own.

The goal is to see you empowered, more efficient, growing and fulfilling your vision with excellence.

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