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We appreciate your interest in working with Royal Scribe Media. We are always looking for hard working talent that shares our vision and our mission to change the world for Christ. Maybe you never thought you could be in ministry, but this is your opportunity to use what God has given you to serve him. Below are various positions where you could make a contribution.

Ministry Specialists

Do you have a heart for ministry and people? Can you explain things easily so that people can understand them? Are you patient and willing to hold a customer’s hand while they go through the learning process? You would be doing the following:

  • Setup new customers with their accounts, walk them through the details of getting up and running.
  • Help customers set goals and strategies based on their current ministry objectives.
  • Follow up with customers on their progress.
  • Suggest strategies and establish milestones using eGo Connect to help customers reach their goals.
  • Identify needs that the customer may not recognize and help them find solutions using our resources.

Sales & Account Managers

Are you good at working over the phone? Do you have the discipline required to work on your own and follow up with prospective customers so that nothing falls through the cracks? You would be doing the following:

  • Generate and organize new leads.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience in excel and various web based applications.
  • Proven¬†organizational skills, the ability to prioritize.
  • Strong closing skills.

Marketing Specialists

Are you good at putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and seeing things from their perspective? Are you able to present business solutions in a ministry context? This would include:

  • Skilled on the various social media platforms.
  • Building relationships within the press.
  • Assisting in the launch of new products.
  • Strong presentation skills.
  • Experience with media buying.
  • Work with and strategize with sales specialists.

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