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Proper Permission
We’ve designed eGo Connect as a place to nurture the new and existing relationships you have, with highly personalized, targeted messaging to your subscribers.

The platform was not designed however, to send unsolicited bulk email to purchased lists or people that have not opted in to receive your messaging. That type of usage misses the point of our platform and it’s against our policies. And in some countries (Canada), it’s actually illegal.

If you’re sending to people who have not opted in to receive your mailings, your messages are more likely to be marked as spam which can damage your sending reputation and in turn effect your deliverability so less people will receive your emails.

Please take note of the following policies we have for usage of the platform to send bulk email:

  • You must have consent to receive email for your recipients through some affirmative means, such as an opt-in procedure and be able to produce evidence of this consent within 72 hours to the recipient, us or to our third party email service provider in the case of complaints or requests.
  • You must also have an email address for complaints (such as in a conspicuous place on any website that is associated with your email campaigns and you must quickly reply to that address.
  • You must have the means to track anonymous complaints.
  • You must ensure that the person giving you consent is the actual owner of the e-mail address for which consent is given by reasonable means.
  • You must honor any unsubscribes and revocations of consent and notify recipients of the same.

Sending Policy
As mentioned in our terms of service, you must comply with all applicable laws for any territory you are sending to. Additionally, it’s our policy that all emails sent from eGo Connect must include an unsubscribe link within the message.

It’a also important to note that we use tracking tracking pixels / web beacons in order to track information like opens, clicks, and various other data you can use at a later time. There’s an ongoing conversation on whether or not organizations should disclose the use of these technologies in their Privacy Policy. While the laws differ from territory to territory, we believe at the very least, it’s best to disclose this in your privacy policy (along with a way to opt-out if they wish to do so) and link to it from your emails. You might also want to disclose the use of tracking pixels / web beacons in the footer of the email itself.