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Frequently Asked Questions

Royal Scribe Media is the parent company of the eGo brand. The Great Commission is at the heart of what we do and the products we create. eGo Connect is a tool that was developed to empower the body of Christ, specifically the local church and Christian ministries to:

  • Raise money in a more effective, efficient manner.
  • Strengthen existing audience relationships.
  • Rapidly increase the size of their audience and reach.
  • Spread the Gospel around the world using powerful, new technology.

To enhance fundraising efforts, an organization first needs to make the core donation process fast and simple for donors. Any roadblock to making a payment must be removed. Our platform provides organizations with the tools to accept one-time or recurring donations via Text Message, the Web and via Kiosk for live events. This is further strengthened with automatic donor receipts, powerful record keeping for administrators / donors and a choice of two great deals from our preferred merchant services provider with no credit card fees on the first $50,000 in transactions or a rate of 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction for all non-profits.

In the near future we plan on adding the ability to sell products and event tickets. All of these features alongside the promotional and outreach elements described below serve to enhance and expand our client’s fundraising efforts.

Every organization must serve a variety of groups with varied interests, whether that be members, volunteers, donors, prayer partners, leaders, etc. All these individuals have different needs, gifts and interests. To build these relationships it is imperative to communicate to them in a highly personalized manner according to their specific interests and attributes. Doing so will yield not only deeper relationships, but enable an organization to more effectively tap into the resources they represent.

Our tools allow organizations to hyper-segment their audience into Affinity Groups to deliver highly effective, ultra-targeted email campaigns. And our cutting-edge, automated follow-up tools provide higher engagement rates for each campaign. This is further aided by the information our platform collects during each campaign.

The use of our current and future Inquiry system tools further enables our customers to collect more information than ever before. The inquiry system collects data about recipient interests and will expand with the the future release of live polling and eTract sharing.

All of our current and future tools are designed to capture data and organize data at every point possible to increase audience size. Many organizational leaders speak at live events or on radio, giving them access to hundreds or thousands of potentially new names. But all too often there is no way to effectively connect or stay in contact with all of these people. Our tools help organizations cast a net that not only captures listener contact information, but organizes contacts by interest or event. Now, an eGo Connect user can go on the radio, give out their eGo Connect text number to listeners, tell them to text in and follow the prompts and automatically collect their data which will be populated in the system for either automated or manual follow up.

We provide our users with tools to both distribute the Gospel Message on a large scale and organize and assist with the data collection and follow up for discipleship. We accomplish these things through a variety of methods including the sharing of Gospel eTracts via text message. At a live event or in a personal setting, the recipient would send a single text to the organization’s phone number and in return they will receive a note along with a Gospel eTract. After reading the Gospel eTract, the recipient has an opportunity to accept Christ and “Take the Next Step.” At this point, their information is captured, filed into the system and ready for automated or manual follow up for discipleship.

In the near future we will expand our toolset to further enhance the outreach and discipleship efforts of client organizations.

The platform was created specifically for Churches, ministries and non-profit organizations. However, our tools can help any for-profit business sell their products, connect with customers and expand their audience.

“eGo” is derived from the greek “ego eimi” (ἐγώ εἰμί [èɡɔ̌ː èːmí]) which means “I am” or “I exist”. “Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was born, I am.” – John 8:58. eGo can also mean Evangelism on the Go.

We’ve taken traditional, printed Gospel Tracts and brought them into the digital age with our patent-pending sharing technology. Individuals or ministries can share the Gospel with anyone via an incoming text message or email. This is a revolutionary advancement in the way we can share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Royal Scribe Media
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Founder Bios

Daniel Southern


Daniel Southern is a published author, speaker, executive coach and entrepreneur. He has met and worked with many outstanding individuals around the world, including celebrities, politicians and business leaders.

For almost 20 years, he served the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) as a Crusade organizer, working in every state and province of North America and over 75 countries; preaching and teaching Christ-followers how they could impact their world for Jesus. At the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Dan personally organized over 80 outreaches including Billy Graham’s largest North American Event in NYC’s Central Park. His position also enabled him to engage in training more than 20,000 evangelists from most of the nations of the world through three international training conferences held in Amsterdam NL.

Following his time with the BGEA, Dan served as President of The American Tract Society America’s oldest Christian publisher, where he circulated over 50 billion tracts to almost every nation around the globe. At ATS, Dan learned to appreciate the power of tracts (short Gospel presentations) as tools any believer can use to influence lives for eternity.

Dan has also served alongside such well-known ministries as Stephen Baldwin’s Breakthrough, Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusades and Os Hillman’s Marketplace Leaders. Today he continues to enjoy consulting with non-profits around the world.

Dan currently resides in Texas, has been married to Lori for 34 years and is the proud father of son Adam and daughter Tyler who are married and following Christ.

Louis Podesta


Louis Podesta is an entrepreneur that desires to see the Gospel spread around the globe using new technologies, reaching audiences that would otherwise not be open to receiving.

For over 10 years, Louis led SPX Studios, a New York advertising agency, which under his leadership has grown from a small interactive boutique to a full service advertising agency specializing in interactive, creative, media buying and planning, public relations and production.

When actor/author Stephen Baldwin wanted to launch his online initiatives, Louis spearheaded the project. “Lou’s creativity is unsurpassed. He is truly a businessman of the utmost integrity and is a pleasure to work with” said Baldwin. Lou and SPX also did the same for Stephen’s brother Billy. “Lou has impeccable creative insight” said Billy Baldwin. To add to his credit, Lou helped in the promotion of Stephen Baldwin’s published book “The Unusual Suspect” with dozens of ad’s seen throughout Times Square in New York.

Lou was also responsible for the campaign behind MS Patients for Choice, a grassroots movement by patients and advocates in developing an interactive community for people behind the drug Tysabri, a breakthrough drug for Multiple Scleroses (MS). This project facilitated communication to both the public and the FDA Advisory Committees and thousands of patients in the U.S. The group has been featured in various national newspapers and news outlets including the Washington Post, CNBC and CNN to mention a few.

In addition to his role at SPX Studios, he has had the privilege to co-found two ministries for counseling and youth outreach. He’s also served on the Executive Council Board of “The Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital,” an independent organization of business professionals who work together to organize the “Annual Sport’s Day” event on Long Island.

Lou currently resides in New York with his lovely wife Vanessa.

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